Xcel Fitness 4x4x48

Raising $14,000 for Small Businesses with ZERO Ad Budget

Early 2021, Xcel Fitness committed to running the second annual David Goggins 4x4x48 Challenge where participants run 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours. In addition to taking part in the challenge, Xcel also launched a fundraiser to raise funds for small businesses struggling due to the Covid pandemic.

To promote this fundraiser, Jared Berg Creative developed a strategy featuring a series of videos explaining the details of the event. These videos were then distributed on social media by Curt and other trainers at Xcel Fitness.

Using video as our primary vehicle for promotion, our strategy was to build trust and enthusiasm with the audience with the announcement and promotional videos. These were followed by a long form interview where Curt told the story of everyone at Xcel was affected by the pandemic and how this motivated him to give back to those in need. This interview was essential to developing a deeper connection to both Curt and the root cause of the fundraiser. 

Upon completion of the challenge and fundraiser, Xcel Fitness raised over $14,000 for small businesses which exceeded their goal by 400%. 

Thank you so much for all you help! Everyting worked out extremely well, I'm very happy with this entire process.