Like many businesses out there, Shore Boards had a great looking website, but it was not driving much organic traffic. Most customers were finding them on social media which was great, but there was untapped potential in their website.

After conducting thorough research, we put together a comprehensive SEO strategy designed to drive more traffic and increasing overall rankings of their core product pages.

The following months were filled with optimizing pages, adjusting written content, and building out new content. But, after 4-5 months, we started seeing rankings climb to the #1 position. Shore Boards was ranking nationally for terms like “wood paddle boards” and “custom paddle board”. This led to an increase in both traffic and sales from across the nation.

web design screenshot


At the end of our campaign, Shore Boards had over 5X ROI and doubled in traffic and  in keywords ranking positions 1-10. 


Video Production & Ads

In addition to SEO, Shore Boards also wanted to spread the word about their DIY workshops.

Building Awareness with Video

To help grow the DIY workshop sector of the business, we planned a photo and video shoot to create engaging materials to use on their social media and website. 

To maximize the use of the budget, we shot the video during one of the classes and relied primarily on b-roll with text to communicate key points. This led to a visually engaging video that could be enjoyed with or without sound. 

Addressing the needs for both social and web uses, final deliverables included a variety of different formats and lengths to maximize the potential usage of the footage. 

Social Media Ad Campaign

Using the final DIY Workshop videos, we ran a social media ad campaign with multiple audiences, ad copy/videos, and A/B testing to find the best performing ads for their respective audience. Then using the results from our tests, we were able to fully utilize our budget to drive impressions and conversions. 


At the end of our project, Shore Boards had multiple photo and video assets that were used to create a new web page for the DIY classes. 

In addition to launching a new web page, we were also able to generate +10,000 impressions with +200 website visits.